Introducing Cisco UCS for SAP HANA

The business value next-generation platform for real-time analytics

Cisco UCS platform for SAP HANA


Organizations in every industry are generating and using more data than ever before, from customer transactions and supplier delivery considerations to real-time user consumption statistics. Without scalable infrastructure that can store, process, and analyse big data sets in real time, companies...

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Cisco solutions for SAP HANA are designed to interoperate with the data center you have today. Using industry-standard architectures and recognized best practices, no special IT processes are needed to incorporate or maintain Cisco solutions in your data center...

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Easy Management

Improving IT efficiency is a critical success factor for businesses. According to IDC, only 20% of IT staff time is spent on innovation and new projects, while the remaining 80% is spent on maintenance. To avoid falling behind the competition, companies are looking for ways to reverse this ratio...

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IDC White Paper UCS Business ROI for SAP

The Business Value of Cisco UCS as a Platform for SAP HANA and Other SAP Mission-Critical Applications

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