Taking the pain out of
IT administration

Cut administrative and manual costs and reduce your total cost of ownership using Cisco UCS

Ease of Management

Improving IT efficiency is a critical success factor for businesses. According to IDC, only 20% of IT staff time is spent on innovation and new projects, while the remaining 80% is spent on maintenance. To avoid falling behind the competition, companies are looking for ways to reverse this ratio.

With Cisco UCS, companies’ operating costs are less, because Cisco’s unified management is integrated into the system. This integration simplifies deployment and reduces the risk of configuration errors that can cause downtime. Integrated management means that organizations can deploy servers in minutes, rather than the days or weeks required in traditional environments. By utilising these capabilities, organizations can get an average return on investment (ROI) of 368% over five years and breakeven in their investment in Cisco UCS in only 10 months.

The Benefits

Ultimately, our solution allows you to reduce complexity and ease management, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With Cisco UCS, you can:

  • Use automation tools that reduce time-consuming and manual tasks, allowing your SAP administration team to focus on strategic business priorities
  • Reduce risk through automation of standardized processes, with automated alerts identifying possible problems before they happen
  • Cut administrative and management costs by as much as 59% (figure based on 17 case studies)
  • Reduce time to deployment from days to minutes using Cisco UCS Service Profiles
  • Lower your power and cooling costs by as much as 54% and reduce the amount of cabling in your data center by 77%

Did you know?

  • A mix of 80 Cisco rack and 80 blade servers has 42 % less TCO compared to a similar solution from a competitor – a saving of more than $12,000 per server (considering three year TCO based on suggested retail prices as of August 8th 2013)
  • Cisco UCS blades deploy 47 percent faster with 67 percent fewer steps than similar servers on the market
  • It is possible to migrate a Cisco UCS B200 M3 Blade Server to a C240 M3 Rack Server with 83.3% fewer steps and 34.8% faster than similar servers from competitors.

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