Simplified and cost-effective scaling

Your organization is generating a vast amount of information. But without a scalable infrastructure in place, you won’t be able put this information to proper use.


Businesses today are overwhelmed by data, and their traditional disk-based systems cannot process the data they have within a reasonable time scale.

Organizations in every industry are generating and using more data than ever before, from customer transactions and supplier delivery considerations to real-time user consumption statistics. Without scalable infrastructure that can store, process, and analyse big data sets in real time, companies are unable to use this information to best advantage.

This is where Cisco UCS can make a huge difference. The industry’s first unified data center platform, Cisco UCS combines industry-standard x86-architecture blade and rack servers, networking, and enterprise-class management into a single system.

Cisco UCS scales with less cost and less complexity. Instead of expanding the system by adding layers of switching in racks, blade servers, and hypervisors, Cisco UCS uses low-cost, low-energy-consuming fabric extenders to connect the data and management planes directly to blade and rack servers. This significant reduction in components enables a lower-cost, more graceful scaling model in which the per-server infrastructure cost, including the cost of blade chassis and switching, is as little as half that of HP blade servers. This makes Cisco UCS the perfect platform for SAP HANA deployments.

The Benefits

Organisations that implement SAP HANA in a Cisco environment can:

  • Scale on demand – the Cisco platform makes it easy to add more compute and storage building blocks as demand rises
  • Deploy infrastructure faster – built-in automation enables configurations to be deployed quickly, easily and accurately
  • Handle big data – Cisco UCS, combined with EMC VNX5300 storage systems, provides persistent storage for SAP HANA and real-time data consumption for business warehousing
  • Accelerate SAP HANA performance – scale-out capabilities, combined with high-performance EMC/NetApp storage, enable users to get more performance from their SAP HANA implementations

Did you know?

Organizations that implement SAP HANA in a Cisco environment can:

  • Cisco has set 90 performance records on industry-standard benchmarks for SAP
  • Companies that use SAP HANA in conjunction with Cisco UCS have been able to shorten their provisioning times by as much as 84%
  • Cisco UCS allows administrators to configure a bare-metal server and get it up and running with SAP HANA in as little as 45 minutes
  • Cisco UCS Manager can manage up to 160 servers across multiple chassis, enabling the platform to scale to the demands of large database workloads

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